Definitions (of love)

Love is a place
Love is a trace
A crackle of reality that looks you in the face

Love is a fire
Love is a choir
A vulnerability litmus test that makes you feel shyer

Love is a fuel
Love is a school
Love can make the biggest geek feel terminally cool

Love is a walk
Love is a talk
If life’s emotional cutlery then love is the fork

Love is a direction
Love is resurrection
Love is much much much much more than looking for affection

Love is a decision
Love is an incision
Love is in the dictionary listed under contrition

Love is how you live
Love is what you give
Love is what is left when you have learned how to forgive

Feb 08


Filed under poems for adults

2 responses to “Definitions (of love)

  1. i love this sooo much 🙂
    thanks for the inspiration…

  2. A great and insightful little ditty, thank you

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