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Floral displays on busy roundabouts

Whose bright idea was it to sponsor floral displays on roundabouts?

What ARE they for?

I haven’t seen large numbers of pedestrians strolling out to examine the abundance of colour at their local traffic blackspot. “Derek, why don’t we take a walk down to the A37 intersection with the B3104 and check out their pansies?”

And don’t try telling me they’re for motorists … there you are, trying to make sure you’re in the right lane, attempting to spot the right turn-off and avoid being mown down by Porsche-driving wide boys with their headlights on in broad daylight and “-oh look, there’s a pleasing display of bedding plants brought to you courtesy of Winthrop and Pollock, Solicitors and Commissioners for Oaths, how thoughtful”.

I don’t remember the Highway Code advising: “Check mirror, signal, manouevre, pull up at dotted white lines and appreciate herbivorous borders …”

Make ’em flat, make ’em green, that’s what I say.

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