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The car won’t start

It might as well be a horse and cart
I’m stuck in limbo
The car won’t start

It’s all in good order – except for one part
I’m motion-less
The car won’t start

The heroes in yellow, they’re on their way
The AA are coming … sometime today
I daresay there’ll be a sharp intake of breath
I need a mechanical miracle: life brought from death

It might as well be a horse and cart
I’m stuck in limbo
The car won’t start

Oh for the days when a prod with a stick
Would make my Fiat’s motor tick
It sounded like a hairdryer on wheels
But it got me there all right.

There’s a lot to be said for a horse and cart.


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This was written on one of many train journeys to London recently, as twilight and dusk segued into night …

On your way to another life
I have brushed you with prayer
That may yet seep into unexpected places
And leave traces of God
Where there was none before
Glimpses of silver rain
across the womb of the March night
Seeds of expectation
Yielding fields of hope
and a harvest
to come

Big city, bright lights
Empty carriage
Time in reverse
Seafront palisaded bridge lights
Drifting into the terminus
with a glide of completion.
One journey ends
Another begins

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Lent – still on course … just

It is a debateable point

Whether the croissant is bread or cake

I maintain its bready consistency allows it to fall the side of the line

I would hope for

Its Gallic charm says ‘Eat me’

And it’s the yeast I can do

As for the biscuit, it has not sullied my lips

Although chocolate, I confess, has.

For medicinal purposes.

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