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New words … that should be in the dictionary


It’s time to resurrect this blog, so for starters, a few new words for experiences that currently lack them …

Timble(verb) to offer someone a cup of tea which you then instantly forget to make.

This can lead to the double timble, where you hurriedly make the forgotten tea, only to find its intended target has given up waiting and made their own.

Residual Tea Memory or RDM (noun) the practice of being vaguely aware you have an unfinished cup of tea left somewhere in the house or office.

Triphop(verb) to disguise a stumble with a deft piece of footwork, like practicing a half-remembered dance step. Was also once experimental music genre, popularised in Bristol.

Rudehog(noun) an oncoming motorist who fails to acknowledge you’ve stopped to let them through. See also dreamtwerp

Dreamtwerp(noun) A motorist appearing to operate in a parallel universe, unaware of others letting them through, the chaos they cause by not indicating, or the cyclist they’ve almost knocked over

Barkle(verb) to attempt to communicate surreptitiously with a friend or partner by means of a poorly faked cough

Skatle (verb – pronounced “skar-tle”) a dance delivered typically by 40/50something men with fond but hazy memories of 2-Tone. Eg “He skatled so furiously that a wide circle appeared round him on the dancefloor, and Brenda denied all knowledge of the man”

Transigent(adj.) Extremely easy to persuade.

Got some? Let me know yours …

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