Hi – my name’s Russ Bravo, I’m a journalist and editor based in Sussex, UK, and outside my day job I like to keep creative with a mix of performance poetry, music and comedy. This blog will carry material old and new, so feel free to drop in, have a read and comment if you like.

3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Russ, all emails were returned, pictures from ‘Empty Shops Radio’ can be found at:


    Your welcome to use any.
    Jimmy/Richard Vobes

  2. hallo Russ. I have found copies of Three Poets sadly dumped in a Broadwater charity shop bin. Liking what I read, I’ve kept and distributed a few amongst friends. The remainder I can leave with Badger books proceeds to the Martin Collins JustGiving fund!? Or return!? my phone is 07943 641691 or 01903 533664.

  3. mactheruss

    Hi – really sorry it’s taken over two years to reply to this. I haven’t done anything on the blog site for a couple of years, as you can tell! Please do make use of them and by all means leave with Badger books. Not quite sure how a quantity ended up where they did, as I still have a couple of boxes. We printed rather too many! Glad you like the poems though 🙂

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