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Fantastic skies over Worthing 11.11.10

Sky was so jaw-droppingly beautiful today I just had to pull over and take some photos. Glimpses of the Creator’s awesome Creation. Best my first gen iPhone could do, but you get the idea …

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10 election pledges I’d vote for

1 No gargling after 7.30am
2 All root vegetables served with dinner to be carved into amusing shapes
3 Hat doffing classes available as part of adult education
4 No hopping on Bank Holidays
5 Cashpoint screens to also offer Space Invaders
6 All cars to be made amphibious by 2015
7 Football managers made to learn English as an obligatory second language
8 Thwacking balloons with rolled up newspaper to be an Olympic sport
9 Tax concessions for cheese restaurants
10 On the spot fines for people who smirk on public transport

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Quality street

God save the Queen
and quad bikes
and quadrilateral triangles
and quadratic equations
and quadrophonic hifi
and quince
and quills
and quelling rebellions
and quaffing ale
and quenching thirst
and quail
and quibbling
and Quality Street
and querrulousness
and quacking
and Quavers
and quangos
and quorn
and quickness
and quivering
and quotable quotes
and quorums
and quips
and queries
and Quakers
and quoits

and even Kwikfit fitters
(despite the spelling)
because there’s something
about ‘kwa …’
that drives me

17 September 2009

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There is a first time for everything

There is a first time for everything
Everything has a first time
Is time a first – for everything?
Time: first there is everything
Everything first, for there is time
A time is for everything, first
First time – there is everything
Everything time. Is there a first?

This poem has been sentenced
To death.

17 September 2009

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Trio of Sussex poets produce first collection

Trio of Sussex poets produce first collection

Three Worthing writers and poets have joined forces to produce their first poetry collection.

Three Sussex Poets, published by White Door Press, features Russ Bravo,

Our moody publicty shot on Worthing beach. From left: Russ, Steve and Martin

Our moody publicty shot on Worthing beach. From left: Russ, Steve and Martin

Steve Carroll and Martin Collins, with each contributing a range of poems from their repertoire.

With styles ranging from passionate, political and polemical via spiritual, thoughtful and emotionally charged, through to surreal, witty and traditional British nonsense, there is something for everyone.

“We’d been friends for a number of years, performing here and there in pubs, clubs and festivals, and so the idea of Three Sussex Poets was a natural progression for us,” explains Russ Bravo, who is a journalist working for publishers CPO, and also runs Matt’s Comedy Club, which runs regular nights at The Dome’s Function Suite.

Steve Carroll, who designed the book, runs his own graphic design business and is the author of the Riddler’s Fayre fantasy graphic novel series, while Martin Collins, a former photographer with the Worthing Herald, also works for CPO and has poems published in range of collections over the years.

The collection is officially launched on Saturday 23 May with a live performance event at Waterstone’s, Worthing at 2.30pm. Admission is free, everyone’s welcome and signed books will be available.

Three Sussex Poets is available, cost £5 from Waterstones, Worthing, UK or from this blog. Comment to order one – and leave your email address!

Russ and Steve will also be appearing at Roundabout Poetry at Worthing Library on Friday 5 June at 12 noon.

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Lent – still on course … just

It is a debateable point

Whether the croissant is bread or cake

I maintain its bready consistency allows it to fall the side of the line

I would hope for

Its Gallic charm says ‘Eat me’

And it’s the yeast I can do

As for the biscuit, it has not sullied my lips

Although chocolate, I confess, has.

For medicinal purposes.

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Lent Days 2 & 3

I am still on the wagon

Cake and biscuit-wise

The knack I have discovered

Is not to feast the eyes

Upon the sweet and sticky stuff

To fill up with the fruit, and leave quick

In a huff.

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Lent 2009: day 1

Decided to give up biscuits and cake for Lent.

A crazy idea most likely undeliverable but well meant

Almost succumbed to a plain chocolate digestive

Resisted and thought of England

Updates may be found here, if I’m not too bitter;

On the book of Face, or maybe on Twitter

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