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Alight to lighten the journey

Writing a poem on the train from Hove
My poetical eye begins to rove
I’m looking for something to witter about
But it’s quiet on the train so I’d better not shout
The announcements are always calm and polite
And it makes me smile when they say “Please alight …”
It’s not a word we normally use, but it’s good that it has a special place
Where sliding doors slide and carriages race
And the back gardens all become a blur
And it somehow feels right, I’m sure you’ll concur
That a word stays usable
When we’re all so confusable
They could say ‘get out’, ‘get off’ or ‘step down’
But why can’t a railway announcer go to town
You go for it, girl, with me it’s all right
There’s nothing I’d rather do than alight.

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