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Danger: wet paint

There’s a trumpet call on Speakers’ Corner
It’s not what you think so I’d better warn ya
It’s a joke and a song and a dance or two
Cos the Creator’s creators are getting through
While people have ears they’re not always listening
The people have fears – they can see what’s missing
Too much preaching from the head not the heart
Political manoevering’s a new kind of art
But the underground is bringing change
Imagination revolution’s going to rearrange
The powers that be will be the powers that were
As the poets and the comics start to cause a stir
See, there’s a God of rhythm and a gospel of grace
There’s a street level dance with a human face
It’s compassion and it’s action and it’s love that hurts
It’s the prodigals forgiven as they’re cleaning up the dirt
It’s laughter and it’s danger and it’s colour and it’s shape
It’s a triumphal procession but without the ticker tape
It’s the artists and the sculptors and the singers and the mimes
It’s the dna of Jesus painting signs for the times
It’s the dna of Jesus painting signs for the times

August 2008

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