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Fantastic skies over Worthing 11.11.10

Sky was so jaw-droppingly beautiful today I just had to pull over and take some photos. Glimpses of the Creator’s awesome Creation. Best my first gen iPhone could do, but you get the idea …

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This was written on one of many train journeys to London recently, as twilight and dusk segued into night …

On your way to another life
I have brushed you with prayer
That may yet seep into unexpected places
And leave traces of God
Where there was none before
Glimpses of silver rain
across the womb of the March night
Seeds of expectation
Yielding fields of hope
and a harvest
to come

Big city, bright lights
Empty carriage
Time in reverse
Seafront palisaded bridge lights
Drifting into the terminus
with a glide of completion.
One journey ends
Another begins

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The laughter of a child
Sunlight filtered through leafy branches
A wave’s deep breath and crash on shingle
The first sip of a pint
The crescendo to the chorus
Kicking through fallen leaves
The strategically placed banana skin
A smooth pebble on the beach
A dew-tinselled spider’s web at dawn
The hug, freely given
Sky – the world’s biggest free art show
A dog’s unconditional welcome
The anticipation of a journey
Colouring in a picture
Forgiveness in the teeth of heartbreak
Friendship renewed
Stories spun and jokes shared
Falling into water
Falling into bed
The silly dance in the kitchen
Tears for no good reason
Yearning for something more
Travelling hopefully

The glory of God appears
in unexpected places.

October 08

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Sky painter

The sky is a canvas
On which God paints
In cloud.
Quite often there is blue
Depending on where you live.
And there can be black, grey and white.
And with a glorious flourish
You will often find gold and pink.
None are kept – for God is creative
Every day.
Unlike some artists, who need inspiration.

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