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Trellis McBungee

Trellis McBungee is my name
Extreme snorts is my game
I listen to all the world can give
And snort harder than a man can live
If the energy from my snorts were caught
Why all the science teachers who ever taught
Would not be able to explain the power
That would make the toughest army man cower
With a fizz and a bang and an awesome sha-booooooom
My snort power would blow them clean out of the room
They ask me the secret and I simply laugh
They can’t even imagine – they don’t know the half
A Trellis McBungee atomic strength snort
Would blow flat all the armies that have ever fought
And a Trellis McBungee snort doesn’t come cheap
No.  The price would make the world’s richest man weep.
And I don’t sell my secret, quite reasonably
Because my snort is quite simply what makes me me
My snort is unique, no-one can repeat it
And no-one, whatever they do, can defeat it
Since Trellis McBungee snort’s such a hit
It is rather hard for me to admit
That sometimes I wish I could smile and not snort
As no-one can get near me, and I’m quite short
So people don’t always know I’m around
And as I exist quite close to the ground
I find it quite hard to have lots of friends
As my snorts tend to drive them right round the bend

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